Digital Marketing For Physician Practices & Physicians

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Yes, we believe so much in our services that we will just need 90 days to show you how we can bring both patients and profits to your clinic.

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We will generate new potential patients for you, convert them to scheduled patients and engage them till they show up to your clinic for their appointment and you make all the revenues seamlessly and convert your practice SUPER PROFITABLE. 

Lead Generation For Physician Practices

Other Agencies Make Promises, WHILE Practice Gain DELIVERS


We run multiple winning lead generation campaigns, ensuring daily in-flow of new patients. Our in-house customer success team filters, engages, nurtures the leads and takes care of scheduling patients for you. Practice Gain can turn your physician practice around financially with at least 25% annual growth and set you apart from the competition. Our Growth Recipe for you:  

Generate Real Leads -> Schedule More Patients -> Ensure lesser No-shows -> Give Real Revenues to you -> Rinse & Repeat

Feedback & Reviews For Physicians

Physicians that work for hospitals and big groups can GET A 5 STAR RATING on healthgrade, vitals etc.

We help individual physicians, working with hospitals or big healthcare groups, to secure a 5 star rating on doctor review platforms such as, etc.

More 5 star reviews -> Growth in patients -> Growth in revenues -> Higher bonuses paid to you.

We create a patient engagement system that encourages your patients to give reviews about your brilliant service. Therefore, increasing your reputation and reliability on doctor review websites, ultimately pulling in more patients for your consultation.

Why Practice Gain Can Grow Your Revenues?

We make high appointments and make no-shows a thing of the past by completely owning the end to end process of generating new leads to scheduling patients that show up for their appointment at your clinic.

This results in month on month growth in revenue for your clinic. The kind of growth that you can start seeing from the first month.

Customized Branding Strategy

We create tailor-made and personalized ad campaigns for your clinic and deploy across multiple social media platforms. We guide you on how to create videos, photos, and testimonials of your practice, your people, your process and your patients. We write appealing content to curate a distinct and significant brand for your practice across social media.

Exclusively For Physician Practices

Practice Gain markets only physicians and physician practices and we are dedicated to healthcare industry. This niche specialisation comes from our in-depth understanding of challenges that practice owners face on an everyday basis with traditional forms of marketing. Hence, we provide advance digital marketing strategies and make you a champion in your practice area.

Automation Funnels For Engaging Potential Patients

Engagement and conversations with leads generated are always on top of our mind. Thanks to our successful automation funnels. Our automation funnels ensure a round the clock follow-up, touch-points and engagement with the leads from the moment they sign-up until the point we bring them in for their scheduled appointments.

Real Patients, Real Results & Measurable ROI

You can measure the exact ROI for your practice with our effective reporting systems that show you the potential revenues to be accumulated through the conversion funnels. This would help you track your ROI in the most granular manner.

We win, when you win!

How Do We Ensure Growth For Your Practice?

We have a successful end to end system that keeps churning leads and converting them as your new patients. Here’s how we make at least 25% revenue growth of your practice a reality.

Chasing Ad Campaign Success

You don’t have to spend hours to figure out how to run successful ad campaigns. Our team of marketers are super skilled to setup the best customized campaigns for your brand.

100% Video Based Marketing

We heavily rely on videos to communicate your brand story and generate tons of leads at the lowest cost. We use a combination of stock footage, video clips from your clinic and doctors to create winner videos.

Lead-Gen Landing Pages

We create successful landing pages to push your lead-gen campaigns a step further, at no extra cost. We include this service as part of retainer you already pay us.

Premium Grade In-House Call Centre

As part of our end to end marketing strategy, we also offer a premium grade in-house call centre service. Our call centre engages the leads generated and schedules them for appointments at your clinic.

Within 90 days, we will show you how you can rely on Practice Gain the most to generate leads, rather than other forms of marketing. We continuously test, optimize and improve your campaigns to deliver better results everyday.

What To Expect During 90 Days Marketing Program?

For physician practice owners

  • Set-up Of Ad Accounts
  • Analysis Of Your Practice & Service
  • Curation Of Videos For Ads
  • Set-up Of Ad Campaigns
  • Generation Of 60+ Potential Patients Every Month
  • Up To 75% Lead Conversion To Scheduled Appointments For Your Practice
  • Proof Of Our Solid Revenue Growth System

For individual physicians

  • Analysis Of Reputation On Internet
  • Set-Up Email Campaigns For Reviews
  • Generate Up To 5 Positive Reviews
  • Proof Of Scalable Reputation Management